Job Description 

  • Create communications strategies and public relations campaigns to attain high visibility across various print and online media outlets
  • Create content, including press releases, bylines, articles, speeches, presentations, reports, and other communications materials
  • Arrange interviews and product reviews for large-scale events and press conferences
  • Pitch stories to media, bloggers, and influencers to be published on various media platforms
  • Coordinate with clients on various communications initiatives and strategic PR counsel, including crisis communications
  • Develop long-term relationships with clients, media, and influencers

Job Description (further detail)

  • create and manage a proper media list independently with appropriate media sectors/contacts that are correctly formatted and contain the correct information
  • manage the proper pitching/dissemination process (alone or with a junior) and ensure all actions are completed promptly
  • actively develop journalist relationships
  • independently report and analyze the success of media dissemination/PR work and report appropriate metrics with some insight
  • identify appropriate media titles and contacts for clients/projects
  • decide on which PR deliverables are most appropriate based on the project and  objectives
  • draft a high-quality pitch note/press release/calendar news/media alert/photo release that is properly formatted and contains the correct key elements and edit content drafted by a Junior PR successfully
  • create high-quality social media posts with the appropriate word count, including the correct elements and appropriate key messaging
  • create a client briefing document from start to end that is properly structured and presented, contains the right information, and includes appropriate Q&As/client key messaging
  • Create accurate content in Thai and English without mistakes and errors, and edit the work of Junior PRs to ensure it is client-ready
  • oversee notes and actions that are sent following a client call/meeting and send them to the team to review within 24 hours, including clear deadlines and ownership
  • know the client well, including their competitors, customers, and recent milestones/activities
  • lead sections of a client call clearly and confidently in Thai and English
  • manage the PR sections of the project/client timeline and contribute to ensuring any WIPs are up to date
  • understand the role of the account, and complete/start tasks proactively

What you’ll need

  • A minimum of 3 years of Corporate Communications experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related fields
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in Thai and English with extensive experience and exposure to local and international media.  Experience with digital media outlets will also be beneficial.
  • A high level of energy, enthusiasm, and positive attitude to challenges with a strong willingness to learn and think independently

What you’ll receive 

  • A good working environment with opportunities to grow and learn from one of the most experienced PR professionals in the region
  • Multi-market global clients
  • Competitive remuneration and attractive benefits