Job Description

  • Develop and implement strategic digital and social media marketing plans aligned with clients’ objectives and target audiences, leveraging our expertise in digital PR to establish credibility and enhance brand recognition
  • Conceptualize, create, implement, and manage innovative social media marketing campaigns for businesses across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, LINE, and Telegram, ensuring our strategies align with clients’ goals
  • Conduct social trend analysis and advertising research to maximize the impact of social media marketing efforts, forging new relationships through tailored pitches, while safeguarding our clients’ interests
  • Coach executives on social media management and engagement, providing guidance on establishing a professional presence and utilizing social media platforms effectively to protect and enhance their brands
  • Utilize social media management tools such as Meta Business Suite, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social, to schedule posts, monitor engagement, and track performance, ensuring meticulous monitoring of performance metrics and leveraging existing relationships to drive results
  • Drive website traffic, user engagement, and conversions by designing SEO-optimized mobile websites and implementing Google Analytics for clients’ sites, ensuring our digital strategies contribute to overall sales and revenue growth
  • Implement LinkedIn and Facebook Lead Generation campaigns to capture and nurture leads, leveraging the targeting capabilities of these platforms to reach the desired audience effectively
  • Monitor and analyze campaign statistics, website traffic reports, user engagement information, and social media metrics to evaluate performance, measure ROI, and propose platform or publisher viability, providing comprehensive insights into the impact of our efforts
  • Collaborate with internal teams, clients, and stakeholders, executing campaigns, engaging in targeted outreach, and leveraging our PR expertise to secure media coverage, generate leads, and achieve desired outcomes
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, social media platforms, tools, and best practices, continuously enhancing our strategies to deliver exceptional results for our clients
  • Prepare comprehensive reports and present key findings, insights, and recommendations to clients, showcasing the effectiveness and impact of our digital and social media campaigns on their sales and revenue


  • Excellent command of English and Thai language to effectively cater to local and international clients
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree graduate with specialization in marketing communications or advertising
  • Passionate about branding, strategic planning, and digital marketing, with a strong emphasis on digital PR to establish credibility and enhance brand recognition
  • Familiarity with the Thai media and social media landscape and consumer behaviour, leveraging our expertise in tailored pitches and relationship management to secure desired outcomes for our clients
  • Highly analytical with great attention to detail, meticulously monitoring performance metrics such as links, traffic, media coverage, leads, and overall impact on sales and revenue
  • Equipped with strong conceptual and presentation skills, comfortable in face-to-face client communications, ensuring our strategies align with their goals and protect their interests
  • Qualified with a minimum of 5 years of agency experience in strategic planning, digital marketing, and client pitching, preferably in the digital PR space
  • Experienced in planning brand strategies across channels and generating comprehensive digital marketing communication plans to achieve desired outcomes for our clients
  • Able to deliver sound estimates of project deliverables and KPIs, creating proposal documents and quotations that align with our clients’ goals
  • A people person with excellent relationship management and problem-solving skills, ensuring strong collaboration with clients, internal teams, and stakeholders to achieve exceptional results